Right Happy for You! Guest ~ Lisa Henriksson

Right Happy for You! Guest ~ Lisa Henriksson

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January 25, 2016 by Creating Beyond Reality! with Heather Nichols
A number of surveys show that unhappy people are much more self-centered. They more often withdraw, worry, and exhibit hostile behavior. Happy people, on the other hand, are more social, flexible, and creative. They’re more capable of dealing with complex and difficult situations in their everyday lives. Happy people are also more loving, helpful, and forgiving. Now, that doesn’t sound like a very self-centered goal, does it?

So how do you achieve happiness? What if your possessions, accomplishments, wealth, and relationships are not the only solution, maybe not even THE solution. What if there is a different way than the one you learned?

Join Heather Nichols and Lisa Henriksson as they explore “being happy” and the differences between trying and choosing happiness.

Lisa Henriksson  is the co-founder of Wisdom Stockholm and the founder and CEO of yoga and health centers Egen tid. She is also the author of I Was Supposed to Be Happy and an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator.

Lisa has made it her mission to share all she’s learned to help others find their own truth and joy. To be happy. “My desire is to create a different world,” Lisa says, “a world without judgment, beyond right and wrong—a conscious world where we are kind, grateful, vulnerable, and accepting of each other and ourselves. A world filled with more happy people. And I know it’s possible.”

Right Happy for You ~ A class based on the book I Was Supposed To be Happy.  In Lisa’s class, she offers new perspectives on happiness and fulfillment. She shares her own long journey of personal exploration, xperimentation, and practice, until, eventually, she found her own happiness. Her journey was not without rough patches, unpleasant experiences, and a bit of trauma and drama. But instead of focusing on what was missing or wrong in her life, she chose to be happy, to see life through the lens of beauty and possibility, to live her life, as Albert Einstein said, ”as though everything is a miracle.” That perspective made all the difference. She found happiness, and so can you.

You can learn more about Lisa on her website – www.lisahenriksson.com

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