Right Body for Who?! Guest Donnielle Carter

Right Body for Who?! Guest Donnielle Carter

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August 10, 2015 by Imperfect Brilliance with Betsy & Kathy

Are you still stuck in the loop of “I WANT to like my body, but I really am at war with it? I know I shouldn’t judge my body and I just can’t seem to stop”.

Join Betsy, Sadie, and Right Body for You Facilitator extraordinaire Donnielle Carter as we discuss the loops of body judgment. How and why we keep ourselves stuck, and what tools we’ve all used to build the muscles required to pull ourselves out of the pit of self-judgment with bodies. What light can Donnielle shine on this lively subject and what changes can we choose?

Donnielle is the co-author of the book Right Body for You, hosts her own weekly radio show and travels the world speaking and facilitating transformative classes, including her popular Right Body for You workshops.


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