Releasing the Inner Warrior ~ Guest Vladica Djordjevic

Releasing the Inner Warrior ~ Guest Vladica Djordjevic

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October 1, 2014 by Living Consciously with Kass

Women in the workplace have often tried to diminish themselves to accomodate the ego of their co-workers, their bosses or not to seem like overbearing b..tches!

What if being the warrior woman you are were the winning ticket?

Join me with international business woman Vladica Djordjevic as we talk being the VOICE that is heard in the world and showing up as YOU.

Vladica, or Vladi as she is known to friends, was born in Serbia, lives in Sweden and has worked around the world with multinationals and in her own business and as a coach.

She has worked in business, sales, yoga, and well being.

She was hired as a diversity coach, a regional sales manager, brought Access Consciousness to Croatia, Serbia and is now opening up her own company in Sweden where she currently resides.

Vladi has seen her share of adversity, broken marriage, loosing her son a few years ago, being the outsider, going into war zones and she always comes out on top.

She is a force of nature, has an infectious laugh and never takes NO as an answer, just an opportunity. Her latest endeavour: showing women how to release their inner warrior.

Always a spicy conversation with Vladi.


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