Ready to Disc-Over Being Human?

Ready to Disc-Over Being Human?

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May 18, 2015 by Turning Point – a GPS for your Success

Turning Point- a GPS for your Success with Host Judith L. Harrison

TODAY we begin our CRUISE through “Positive Personality Profiles”.

“Anyone knows that you should approach certain animals differently, and treat them differently, based on what you know about them. The same is true about people. But, you say, aren’t we all more or less the same? AHA – alas, this is where we go awry and things go amok. We are left feeling bruised, confused, and possibly even have been cause in the matter of abuse.

Wouldn’t you prefer to know – and be equipped to practise knowing – ‘with whom do I have the pleasure of meeting?’ Join us on the cruise of a lifetime – discover some familiar ports and some very exotic foreign places with new ‘sea legs’…

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