Ready For More Soul And Money??

Ready For More Soul And Money??

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December 29, 2014 by 21 Grams of Soul

21 Grams of Soul with Lynda Walsh

As you think about that question notice the choices you are making in your mind regard your answer.

Have you made money decisions by using patterns that were indoctrinated into you ?

Are you ready for this:

*Clear all life –robbing blocks to having money

*Delete Debt Permanently

*Increase money awareness

*generate money effecieantly and easily

* open to receive money in a completely new way

 “21  Grams of Soul” radio show host and Master Hypnotist Lynda Walsh will be interviewing

Best selling author, International Speaker, Money Strategist and intuitive  Ken Foster.

Ken is one of the country’s leading figures in the science of business and consciousness.

Over the last 18 years he has worked with thousands of people who have increased their awareness, changed viewpoints and have transcended their limitations around around money,relationship,business and communication.

Ken is gifting our listeners with a generous soul and money gift

Go to  and download your free gift.

Ken’s mastery is  guiding you to find the deep answers to your greatest challenges, his energy, power and awareness of how to tap into the super conscious mind of spirit will inspire you to achieve higher at higher levels as you learn how to align your soul power to your soulful dreams.


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