Race ~ Guest John Ashford

Race ~ Guest John Ashford

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December 24, 2018 by Dancing Your Life ~ Corinna Stoeffl

Dancing Your Life ~ Corinna Stoeffl Radio Show

We have different skin colors, depending on where our ancestors lived. That skin color gets translated into race. How often is it that people feel one race is better than another? Is there any truth to it? What are the impacts of race on a person, on their abilities to create their lives? John Ashford and I will have a look at these questions. John, through his work, has a first hand view of how these questions play out in daily life.

John/Akintola Howard Ashford Jr. was raised in Chicago. At the age of 13 he attended Precious Blood Seminary for 8 years. He graduated from Rockhurst Jesuit University with a BA in Communication and French. He studied a year abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France and studied Sacred Geometry in Northern Spain.

He has worked in the NW for over 30 years with youth and their families. Presently he has been a Juvenile Court Counselor for over 28 years for Multnomah County. He currently is working in the Informal Supervision unit. He was on GRIT(Gang Resource Intervention Team) which was the first gang unit for Multnomah County. While working for Multnomah County, he was the Lead Worker for the Save Our Youth Program which dealt with conflict and violence, GOALS Day Reporting Center, Community Detention Program.

Nationally, he has trained several agencies on how to be more effective with families that have been plagued with violence and trauma. He is the creator of Being John Ashford. He has done leadership training in Sweden. He facilitates mediation, Difficult Conversations about Race and Unlearning Oppression through Resolution NW. He does Energetic Healing work, He facilitates Domestic Violence and Fatherhood classes for Sovalti. He facilitates Empowerment classes for young African American Boys for YMEP.

Recently he has added the philosophy and practice of Access Consciousness. These new tools allows him to stay in the question and to dig deeper which allows more of his clients to show up.

He has a Black Belt in Traditional Taekwondo-Do. He is certified in Wuji Cinnabar Tai Chi/Meditation and Access Consciousness/BARS, ESB, SOP Practioner
Let’s talk about the questions that you ask. I’m open to pretty much anything. I would like to talk about my new projects that I’m working on( my book and online cooking show). Also like to talk about my sessions that I offer.       https://www.beingjohnashford.com/    John@beingjohnashford.com

~ More About Dancing Your Life with Corinna Stoeffl ~ 

I love to watch ravens dance on the wind, the stronger the wind, the more fun they seem to have. What if we danced our lives?

What do I mean with that?
How much fun and ease can we have in our lives?
How much intensity would we allow ourselves to experience?
How much elegance would we enjoy?
What could change if we were in communion with others, with animals and plants, with the earth?
What if nothing had significance?
It is not that I know all or have answers to any of those questions above. I am curious, I like to explore, I will even jump if necessary in order to find out. Would you like to join me on that exploration? On this journey, I will use the tools of Access Consciousness®, the conversations we have and my love of looking at something from all different angles (what I jokingly call mental gymnastics.)

I invite you to a lighthearted and fun exploration of all of life.





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