Question: Your ticket to limitless possibilities! with Tamara and Alun

Question: Your ticket to limitless possibilities! with Tamara and Alun

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May 11, 2015 by Playground of Possibilities with Tamara and Alun

Continuing our theme of creating from question, choice, possibility, and contribution – guess what we’re talking about in this show? Was that clue too subtle or blatantly obvious?! OK – so it’s probably quite obvious right?

So how much fun do you have asking questions? A little? None? A lot? Megatons?

A common theme in this reality in terms of people creating their lives is that they try to create from conclusion. And then they wonder why things don’t change, or if they do change that it always seems hard and takes a long time.

Another commonality with people when they ask questions is that they’ve often already decided what the answer should be. And then comes the insanity – asking the same questions over and over again and expecting a different answer!  Conclusions are the paving stones on the road to the desert  island of frustration!

What if questions are a superpower of change that can be an awesome invitation to creating something even greater in and as your life? What if questions are the magical wings of curiosity that enable you to soar upon the winds of limitless possibilities?

Tamara and Alun invite you to spread your wings of curiosity come and play in the Playground of Possibilities where the possibilities are limitless and where playing is the sovereign reality on Monday 18th May at 3pm UK, 10am EDT, 9am CDT, 8am MDT, 7am PDT on

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