Putting the ‘Good Girl’ Myth to Bed ~ Rhonda Burns

Putting the ‘Good Girl’ Myth to Bed ~ Rhonda Burns

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February 26, 2020 by Rendezvous with Rhonda

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How much do you identify with the “good girl” label? Or as a guy, how much do you say you want a “good girl”, but then when you get one, she doesn’t meet all the criteria for what you REALLY want and need?

I didn’t realize how much the still-hidden “good girl” identity was at actual odds and in violent opposition to who I truly am, and who I came to be. It wasn’t until my life was in complete and utter shambles that I was finally able to surrender to the identity that actually serves me in my entire life.

Come join me as a help start to bust this myth and put this outdated label and myth to bed. The world will be a better place when we stop running outdated identities that do not serve us!


~ More About Rendezvous With Rhonda ~ 

Sex, sexuality and pleasure tend to get an exceptionally bad wrap in the world. Ever noticed? Yet sex, intimacy & relationships is threaded through every single aspect of our lives and they tend to be really messy, unclear and difficult subjects for most.  

As a life-long witness to not just the mediocrity of traditional relationships, but the chronic breakdown of them, along with the waning and often non-existent sex lives of the partners, I’ve been on a quest to get down & dirty to the root of the issues and what drives the majority of this, so we can actually transform it. 

In a world filled with never-ending mixed messages, confusion, conflict and daily turmoil, it’s a wonder anyone really feels like they’re getting their emotional, physical and sexual needs fulfilled.  Welcome to the party known as Rendezvous with Rhonda – aka a rendezvous with radical & revolutionary LOVE, with a healthy dose of down & dirty for good measure; so we can create lives and bodies that are richly rewarding and rooted in soul-satisfying success.


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