Pragmatic Psychology with Guest ~ Susanna Mittermaier

Pragmatic Psychology with Guest ~ Susanna Mittermaier

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October 1, 2018 by Dancing Your Life ~ Corinna Stoeffl

Dancing Your Life ~ Corinna Stoeffl Radio Show

“What if the things you call a wrongness, crazy, and insane are exactly the tools to access your happiness and the joy you be?” Susanna Mittermaier, a psychologist, looks at mental illness in a completely different way. She even wrote a book about it. Psychology used to be the ’study of knowing’. Today, it is about adapting and fitting in. Pragmatic psychology is about question and choice. By asking questions you move into the awareness of what is truly possible for you. Susanna and I will have a pragmatic look at what psychology labels as a wrongness and provide some tools for you to get out of it. What if psychology empowers you to find out what really is and what you are capable of?

Susanna Mittermaier
Psychologist | Bestselling Author | Founder of Pragmatic Psychology
Susanna Mittermaier is a psychologist and author of the #1 international bestselling book, Pragmatic Psychology: Practical Tools for Being Crazy Happy. As a global speaker, Susanna offers a new paradigm on psychology and therapy called Pragmatic Psychology.
Susanna is known for her revolutionary perspective on facilitating change. Her pragmatic approach invites people to choose what works and that which creates the greatest outcome in business, leadership and their lives. Susanna Mittermaier inspires people all over the world to unveil their brilliance, and guides others to see problems and difficulties instead as possibilities and potent choices.

Susanna Mittermaier, a pragmatic psychologist, from Vienna, Austria, educated in Sweden at the university clinic of Lund, where she was mentoring the hospital staff, conducted neuropsychological testing and psychotherapy with patients and developed a new approach to psychology. She is the author of the Best Seller, Pragmatic Psychology and a worldwide speaker.

~ More About Dancing Your Life with Corinna Stoeffl ~ 

I love to watch ravens dance on the wind, the stronger the wind, the more fun they seem to have. What if we danced our lives?

What do I mean with that?
How much fun and ease can we have in our lives?
How much intensity would we allow ourselves to experience?
How much elegance would we enjoy?
What could change if we were in communion with others, with animals and plants, with the earth?
What if nothing had significance?
It is not that I know all or have answers to any of those questions above. I am curious, I like to explore, I will even jump if necessary in order to find out. Would you like to join me on that exploration? On this journey, I will use the tools of Access Consciousness®, the conversations we have and my love of looking at something from all different angles (what I jokingly call mental gymnastics.)

I invite you to a lighthearted and fun exploration of all of life.

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