Parents Say the Darndest Things ~ Guest Annie Chin Taylor

Parents Say the Darndest Things ~ Guest Annie Chin Taylor

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February 25, 2019 by Be You Parenting ~ Mary Dravis-Parrish

Be You Parenting with Mary Dravis-Parrish

Parents do say the darndest things. Parents as well as other adults who interact with children can unknowingly dis-empower kids. As much as parents want to do well by their children, they often are not aware of what they are being, doing, saying and projecting that robs kids of their own empowerment.

In this episode, Mary and Annie will explore how to be aware of what you may be doing that is affecting not only your child’s capacity to be empowered, but also yours.

Annie Chin Taylor, M.Ed, enjoys facilitating change for those seeking something different in their lives. She’s currently a mother of two college students, a bodywork facilitator, and empowerment coach. For the past 12 years, Annie has presented an array of empowerment and mind-body wellness tools in schools, at work sites, at conferences, in online classes, and to community organizations as well as working with private clients. She assists people of all ages in unraveling emotional patterns and moving beyond what they’ve decided are limitations. Her target is to empower individuals to create lives that inspire them by uncovering and acknowledging the unique gift that they are to the world.  

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