Out-Creating Your Stories ~ Guest, Autumn Shields

Out-Creating Your Stories ~ Guest, Autumn Shields

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December 18, 2020 by Dr. Andi's World

Dr. Andi’s World 

How much of your life have you tried to create based on your stories?  How fun is that…really?  Dr. Andi welcomes Autumn Shields to this week’s adventure, exploring what life could be like, if you were “out-creating” your stories.

Autumn Shields felt her first big nudge in the eighth grade, to help others. It led her to a degree in Sociology/Psychology and her first career in law enforcement serving crime victims. That is when she learned that “nudge” wasn’t the only one she would experience.

Over time, Autumn learned that ignoring those nudges turned her into a hot mess. Instead of surrendering to the nudges, she had a few out loud tantrums about what she wanted. She was uncomfortable and had to question everything she knew. 

Autumn also learned that those nudges were guides to living her life fully alive. Once she surrendered to where the journey took her, she stepped into living an authentic life where she is fulfilled…and she gets the opportunity to serve others on the same journey.

Find more with Autumn and follow the nudges at https://thenudges.com/

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