One Voice to Change The World

One Voice to Change The World

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October 8, 2014 by Work And A Life

Do you ever wonder if your single voice (or talent, or capacity) can make a difference? Meet “Peace and Love Heidi”, recently she opened a shop in the village of Ferndale Ontario with the vision of creating a healing, uplifting, and community based place.

From my first conversation with Heidi and watching how people are drawn to her and her store, I knew she was a shining example of how one person truly can shift the world. I noticed too that people are craving this kind of community and each of us can bring what have to offer for all to enjoy.

Beyond the shop, Heidi is creating a healing centre and continues sharing her voice with the world through her music – and I’m sure there’s more!

Join us as we explore what could be possible for the planet with a little willingness to share our selves wherever and however we can.

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