Oh!! My Sweet Bees Guest Tina Anderson

Oh!! My Sweet Bees Guest Tina Anderson

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January 26, 2015 by 21 Grams of Soul

21 Grams of Soul with Lynda Walsh

Join Master Hypnotist Lynda Walsh along with her guest Tina Anderson

As Tina share’s her story of how the long hours and stress from a corporate position put her health at risk and she wanted to be closer to her family. She reached a turning point and went with her idea that had been rooted in her since childhood as she watched her grandmother bring food from the garden and straight to the table. I suspect that many of us have those long distant memories of when our food was fresh and locally grown.

Tina has created Sundance Fresh Market that allows people farm to family access to locally grown produce that bridges the gap between consumer and farmer.

Tina has grown her market to serve 3 different communities with fresh locally grown produce. And even if you aren’t  close enough locally you can still benefit from the advice and instruction presented about URBAN GARDENING

She will also advise us on composting and how we can have our backyard organic garden. She will teach us about Urban Agriculture and how we can garden in our back yards whether it’s just tomatoes and peppers in a pot or for those of us who might have a little more time a bigger garden. Heck we might even want our own hive of Sweet Bees for fresh honey that is produced from the nectar of our local flowers .and how sweet it is when we start to recognize the gifts that nature will gift us, with so little effort on our parts.





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