Nice and Kind … Same or Different?

Nice and Kind … Same or Different?

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July 20, 2015 by Playground of Possibilities with Tamara and Alun

Nice and kind are very often used in the same sentence – “isn’t he nice and kind”. But are they even related? What if they’re not?

How often do you “try to be nice”?  What if kindness doesn’t look at all like what you’ve been told it is or should be? Is being “nice” actually an unkindness? What if “nice” and “kind” have nothing to do with each other? How much of you do you have to cut off in order to be nice to someone?

What would your life be like if you functioned from Kindness and not from trying to be nice?  Join Alun and Tamara for this show where they play with questions and possibilities about kindness…..

Remember when you were young and everything in life seemed so much more fun and the possibilities seemed endless? Is that still the same for you or has life become a serious business??
If it isn’t would you like to change that? And if it is, would you like even more of it?

How much and how often have you been told “you have no choice” or felt you had no choice? And how often have you found yourself in a dark tunnel, feeling that there is no way out, no choice, and most certainly no fun? What if life doesn’t have to be that way?

What if living in the Playground of Possibilities is totally possible and available to you right here, right now? If you would like more fun, more magic, more choice, and more possibilities in your life then, come and join Tamara and Alun as they have fun playing, laughing and exploring in The Playground of Possibilities.

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