Naughty By Nature: Is It Time to Embrace YOUR Design? ~ Rhonda Burns

Naughty By Nature: Is It Time to Embrace YOUR Design? ~ Rhonda Burns

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May 2, 2018 by Rendezvous with Rhonda

Coming Undone With The Tenacious Minx Radio Show with Rhonda Burns

I was conditioned into someone else’s beliefs and I adopted their collective nature. It forced me to deny me: naughty by nature – a nature that is instilled within me from my source creator. So who gets to decide what’s “appropriate” and what’s “naughty”? Aren’t these just labels and judgments as well? What is YOUR nature? Naughty? Silly? Playful? Sexy? Irreverent? 

Have you chosen a path like mine that has had you railing against that which IS you? Perhaps, maybe in your own way, you’re naughty too? How about we have a frank discussion and an inclusive conversation about what to do when our natural design is fighting for it’s life. And by no means will we make this significant, heavy or boring – hell no. Let’s make this a naughty by nature kinda pow wow, shall we? Join me….your divine design will thank you.


It’s all about coming undone from conditioning, poor modeling and bogus beliefs to come alive and truly thrive. AKA: FREEDOM. Together, we learn, explore, transform, laugh, play and show up greater, so that we can remind not only ourselves of our greatest potential & possibilities, but to invite others to know it for themselves as well.

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