Narcissism, Gaslighting, And Overall Douchery ~ Guest Cierra Machado

Narcissism, Gaslighting, And Overall Douchery ~ Guest Cierra Machado

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February 24, 2021 by Infinite You with Jenn Wood

Infinite You with Jenn Wood 

Narcissism, Gaslighting and overall Douchery are behaviours that get me fired right up. Not knowing what Narcissism OR Gaslighting was up until the not so distant past, I just classified this kind of behaviour as being a douchebag and didn’t think much more of it. 

My Guest today, Cierra Machado, is here to talk with us about identifying a narcissist, recognizing attempts of gaslighting and manipulation, and how we can move forward from this abusive behaviour.

My name is Cierra Machado and first and foremost, I am a mother. Beyond that, I am currently a trauma guide and group leader for Road to Hope, a certified life coach, reflexologist and head and facial massage specialist. It is my belief (backed by research) that our bodies keep the score and that our memories, trauma and injuries both physical and emotional can have a devastating impact on our everyday lives. Emotional pain that we believe only lives inside the mind can and does manifest physically and it is up to us to do our part to become balanced mind, body, soul. In doing so we are giving our bodies the chance to go beyond surviving and into the state we all deserve to exist in, one of thriving. To live purposefully, to stay true to yourself, to be generous and loving this is the ethos of Chai Cie Wellness. I too have struggled and known pain and loss intimately. My health suffered and Western medicine could not help me but I found healing and wholeness in many of the modalities I now offer. My goal is to create a safe space for you to discover and curate your own wellness experience. It is an act of love to take care of your body, your mind and your soul. Give that gift to yourself and know that you deserve nothing less.

~ More About Infinite You ~ 

Jenn Wood is an Empowerment coach and Energy Healer who is passionate about helping individuals transform their life from Ho-Hum to Hell Ya.

After spending most of her life trying to fit in and follow the crowd, she found herself stuck in a failing marriage, struggling with anxiety, depression and feeling like her whole world was crashing down around her.  Years of hiding behind a smile and pretending that good enough was good enough, Jenn realized that something needed to change, and that change had to start with her.  She ventured out on to her spiritual journey learning unique and powerful tools and tricks which ultimately changed her life in ways she never even dreamed of.

She is living proof that when you start to change how you look at the world, the world as you know it begins to shift and change.

Jenn has made it her mission to remind anyone who is struggling in silence, that they are not alone.  She shares the very tools she’s learned along her journey that not only saved her marriage but that helped her in creating the life of her dreams. Her goal is to provide men and women everywhere with the hope and comfort that no matter what they are struggling with, change IS possible.

Working with Jenn will not only change the world within you, but by taking that first step, will begin to change the world around you.

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