Multi-Dimensional Writing ~ Guest Gail Alexander

Multi-Dimensional Writing ~ Guest Gail Alexander

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February 10, 2017 by Writing on Air ~ Carol Glover

You can imagine that writing about earthly things is tough enough, but what about writing about intuition, knowing, and sacred geometry?

Join Carol and her Guest Gail Alexander for an exciting conversation about creating beyond this dimension.

Gail Alexander has been called many names by the people with whom she has worked: clairvoyant, medium, mystic, healer, therapist, artist, and intuitive. She is an Author, Multi-Dimensional Artist, Intuitive, Healer, and Therapist. Over the years she has been trained in many healing arts and traditions, as well as traditional psychotherapy.

The Mandalas she creates have been likened to symbols, ancient knowledge, codes, healing conduits, portals, and guidance. The information she receives comes from your energy field, Spirit Team and spiritual helpers that are always with and around you. The knowledge or message (mandala/symbol) is translated by her using the principles of sacred geometry, unconditional love and light, which allows you to access more information for yourself.

Gail’s Intuitive Energy readings and/or Akashic Record readings are similar and often validate what you already know to be true. The readings assist with building trust in yourself and how you work, learn and grow to become the most authentic, genuine version of you – you can be.

“Sometimes we need a little reassurance and validation when accessing the information, remembering the magnificence of who you are and the abilities you have.”

Gail is the Author of: 

I Don’t Know How I Know. . . I Just Know –

Mandalas Created for the World and Humanity –

Energy Mandalas of Crystals and Stones –

See more about Gail’s work on her website:

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