Money You Don’t Deserve It… And Other Lies with Guest Cory Michelle

Money You Don’t Deserve It… And Other Lies with Guest Cory Michelle

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June 8, 2015 by Simply Being

Have you ever experienced the thought that no matter what you do you just don’t get a head or it seem like every time you start to succeed you get kicked in the balls?  Now you think deep down, that you just don’t deserve to have money.   What if all that is just a lie?  Join Rioha and Cory as they discuss what it takes to create money in your life and let go of the judgments that keep you locked into not having everything you desire.

Cory Michelle s committed to raising global consciousness by transforming the way entrepreneurs relate to themselves, each other and their communities. Cory is a certified Access Consciousness facilitator.  For those who want to learn more, she teaches Access Consciousness Courses (Bars, Foundation & Level 1), the Conscious Business Toolkit program, Clear, Create & Celebrate, and other Access Consciousness-related classes and events.

Rioha is a Transformation Consultant, Inspirational Speaker, Radio Show Host, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner who is driven to invite individuals and organizations to ask the questions that will bring more ease, simplicity and joy!

Rioha will use her talents and experience to guide you in developing the tools that will give you the simplicity of being you that you desire and so much more. ~ ~ 720-336-3269 ~

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