Money Follows Joy! ~ Guest Maggie Schlarb

Money Follows Joy! ~ Guest Maggie Schlarb

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September 26, 2016 by Creating Beyond Reality! with Heather Nichols

So many of us have the point of view that money is hard earned, must be created through sacrifice, and can’t possibly be something that is invited into your world through the energy of joy. Is there anything you have decided money will create in your world that would then allow you to finally have joy? What if you could turn that around and have the joy of being you, the joy of being alive, the joy of possibility, and the joy of creation—that then dynamically invites money to come in to your world? What joy are you refusing as a result of the money that you don’t currently have? And what would be possible if you were to choose joy first and allow that to bring possibility, creation, and cash into your world?

Join Heather in an interview with Maggie Schlarb, Access Consciousness Facilitator, body expert, and Creatress of magnitude! Maggie has created a thriving and dynamic business in a very short time using the tools of Access Consciousness, and choosing to be the contagious joy, magic, and playfulness that she is! Maggie’s magic with creation is inspiring, and an irresistible invitation to have way too much fun creating the money, the life, the body, and the business you would love to have! Find out more about Maggie at – and –

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