Mirror, Mirror On The Wall ~ Becky Herdt

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall ~ Becky Herdt

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May 31, 2017 by Unchained with Becky

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How often do we look to someone else to validate us?  Someone else to acknowledge who we be?  What are capacities and strengths are?  And how often are we actually creating or allowing someone else to be stronger, more potent, more anything than we be?  What if were just choice?  What if we are the most potent, powerful, creative being in our world?  Are you willing to choose that?  Have that?  Be that?  For you?  For your creations?  Is Now The Time?

Becky Herdt is a Business and Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Radio Show Host, Author and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator who finds great joy in working with people and organizations to discover what unique talents and capacities they already have – especially those things hidden from view!