Mills Stovall: Hawaii’s Whole Animal Waimea Butcher Shop

Mills Stovall: Hawaii’s Whole Animal Waimea Butcher Shop

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July 13, 2020 by No Ounce Wasted

No Ounce Wasted 

Bryan and Mills talk about the challenges (some said impossibilities!) of having a whole animal shop on Hawaii. They will discuss Mills’ expansive career and how being a rancher informed how he runs his shop and why he wanted to make the move to ownership and retail.

Mills Stovall, Originally from East Texas, moved to big island over 20 years ago after working in many restaurants in northern Cali, New Mexico, Texas and Louisiana. He moved to the big island to work on farms then became the Ranch Manager/executive Chef for Roaring Lion Ranch. Mills worked for over ten years with this ranch, raising pigs, sheep and cattle. In 2014 his Daughter Halia’ was born and he decided to try and open up a butcher shop that only carried animals and products, grown and raised on the big island. Most people he spoke with told him this isn’t going to work and he’s gonna have to bring in from the mainland, but that didn’t stop him from trying it out. Waimea Butcher shop is on its 5th year of operation and is very proud of being a whole animal butcher shop that only works with big island farmers, ranchers and producers. The way he looked at it was , We have the best in the world here, so why should I need to work outside our island.
Mills is very passionate about sustainability raised, locally grown everything.

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