Meat Wagon Man: Stefano Diaz

Meat Wagon Man: Stefano Diaz

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August 31, 2020 by No Ounce Wasted

No Ounce Wasted 

Stefano Diaz owns The Meat Wagon Butchery to the Kingston’s Waterfront Farmers market. Stefano is taking that dream to four walls and a floor in Kingston. We will hear about his work with local farms, his commitment to grass-fed, creating a mobile butcher shop and where he goes from here.

Stefano worked at Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC, where he learned a style of butchering called Italian seam breaking. It was then he learned the love of butchering.

He returned to NY and completed Fleishers’s three-month apprenticeship program in September of 2015. From there on, he worked in the Fleisher’s Kingston shop as a head butcher until it closed in 2017.

“I found myself soon after working at Marbled Meat Shop in Cold Spring NY where I helped grow the butchering program. The Meat Wagon mobile butchery is my way of returning to Kingston.”


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