Make Change Your Bitch!

Make Change Your Bitch!

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September 22, 2014 by Creating Beyond Reality! with Heather Nichols

How much do you resist change? What if change could be a huge contribution to you, your life, your living, your reality? What if you could actually harness the inevitable reality of change and actually have it work for you dynamically?

We’ve all heard the quote that ‘the only constant is change’. It’s true! And yet, everything in this reality is created to try and avoid change.

How many fantasies have we all bought that if we just simply could ‘land’ somewhere that is the ideal spot to land…and keep it stable, unchanging, unwavering, unmoving….then everything would be predictable, under control, and THEN we would be happy?

What if we actually have to destroy ourselves, and the possibilities that exist in this dynamic universe, in order to try to maintain that stability?

What if you could actually jump in to the river of change with abandon…..and use the current to create the life that is waiting for you and beyond?

Would you like some facilitation around changes that are going on in your life? This week Heather is inviting you to call in live and ask questions, receive brief facilitation, and create a new possibility in your life!

Join Heather Nichols this week for a potent conversation around what is actually possible when we utilize the dynamic, ever-changing energies of the universe to create beyond what we know is possible.

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