Magick with a K ~ Guest Alex Muzio

Magick with a K ~ Guest Alex Muzio

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April 22, 2019 by *Everyday Joy with Candace Mau

Everyday Joy with Candace Mau Radio Show

Alex and Candace explore the topics of Love, Light, Magic, and Intuition. Meeting in the Real Estate world and bonding over their shared love of everyone, this conversation is going to be packed full of all the love and connection. A heart expanding experience bringing you all the joy.

Born in the salty coast of California Alex Muzio spent the first 18 years of his life studying in the school of conflict; an existence muddied in addictions and depression with the overall phenomena of ‘being lost.’ He eventually reached a point of awareness knowing there had to be more to life than suffering.

Little did Alex know, what he was seeking wasn’t outside, it was within. Bubbling inside him was the same yearning he senses in many humans on earth; a deep desire to connect with our truest nature. Alex has awakened into a place where he can confidently say “I know who I am, I am unconditional love, and I wish to share that with you.”

Alex is a healer, one who sees only truth, gifted with the ability to pull that truth out in others. He has chosen his calling as a bringer of the light and choose to be that for those who wish to be assisted in uncovering their own unique magick.

now, lets get to awakening…

~ More About Everyday Joy ~ 

At our core, our most basic essence, there is Joy. A place people know very well but may not feel confident in finding often.
We notice when other people have true joy, are lit up, catch ourselves smiling when we’re around them, but don’t know how to do what they do. Consciously or unconsciously we are always seeking that space.
What if it’s easier to find than you think? There are tools, questions, and fun just waiting for you everyday!
Candace Mau will enthusiastically wonder, share stories and light up your day. Giving you tools to navigate to Joy more effortlessly. Helping you see and walk the path for yourself.

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