Magical Musicians ~ Guest: Dr. Deborah Belcher

Magical Musicians ~ Guest: Dr. Deborah Belcher

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November 15, 2017 by Musical Magic with Elfy Jo

Musical Magic with Elfy Jo Radio Show

Magical Musicians ~ On this show Elfy Jo and Deborah Belcher will discuss what music and magic mean to them and how they implement it in a practical way. This discussion will be interesting for non musicians as well since the techniques and magic can be directly transferred to any area in your life that could use more flow. In our pre-show chat Deborah mentioned that she works with contributing entities, I’m already intrigued and can’t wait to find out more about these entities during our show!

A little info on the both of us:

Dr. Deborah Belcher is a music-lover and professional pianist. She began her classical piano training by following the academic path through earning three performance degrees and jumping through the hoops of university employment. While teaching at The Cleveland Institute of Music, she realized that following her own awareness was more fun than answering to administrators and became her own best employer ever. She enjoys her freelance musical life through a body-centered, awareness-directed, entity-assisted approach to playing and teaching. Her approach rests on tuning her body to the vibration of joy and asking questions to discover the next step into a lighter and more freeing experience. In her teaching, Deborah delights in honoring and inviting students of all levels to experience mastery with ease through discovering themselves as magic. Her piano lessons and consults are about transforming the impossible into the possible, and relaxing into that as a lifestyle. Oh, and laughing. In her playing she embodies, beauty, elegance and enjoyment. She relishes the lusciousness of the life force expressing as sound. Deborah offers piano lessons and master classes in person or online/by phone, as well as consultations on any aspect of playing, teaching and/or freelancing happily.

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Video media:

Elfy Jo is a professional musician that lives and creates from South China.

She played clarinet in the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra for five years before she quit working there. She felt there was more to life than simply reproducing music and having it be a J.O.B.

Through a series of classes, some Access Consciousness and a new group of magical friends Elfy was able to connect back to her creative source and authentic, bubbly self.  Making music became a joy again and now it is her mission to help others rekindle their creative fires.  As a Master of Music Elfy combines all her on stage and teaching experience with energy and magic.

She is available for in person and online sessions to help you break free of any creative limitations, whether you are an amateur or a professional. Recitals, debuts, concerts and even exams can be a joy for both you and the audience!

Elfy also offers intuitive musical healing, as well as BARS sessions.

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