Magical Connections ~ Guest Deb Brosnan

Magical Connections ~ Guest Deb Brosnan

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April 11, 2018 by Musical Magic with Elfy Jo

Musical Magic with Elfy Jo Radio Show

What magical connections could you welcome in your life? What connections can animals open for you? What connections can music open for you? What other magical connections are available to play and create with? Join Deb Brosnan and Elfy Jo for an exploration of what is actually possible when you connect to all energies around you.

Everyone and everything in this Universe is constantly communicating with you, and you…with them… Are you aware of the information being shared with you? We often grow up (and out) of our ability to be aware of and connect with animals. To share with and receive from them. There is so much knowledge we share together that creates happiness and ease of everyone! Deb Brosnan is an animal communicator (animal to human translator) who will use her talents to help you connect with the animals you love. To expand your perception of the world beyond ‘normal’ human perception. To take the knowledge of the animals all around us to create a more prosperous life for everyone.

Deb Brosnan is an Empath, Psychic, Medium and Translator between animals and humans. Deb is a Radio Show Host, Equine Riding Instructor, and Horse Rehabilitator. She teaches individuals and groups who are searching for a more expansive, prosperous and loving connection with the animals and the world around them.

Deb believes that when you learn to commune with the animals around you, your life shifts to an easier, happier place in every area of your life. Deb has learned through her own ‘mistakes’ and ‘bad’ choices, that we as humans hold onto what we have done ‘wrong’ long after the event and the ripples of it. But through connecting with animals, the past is dismissed. Leaving only the brilliance of this moment.

Will you come learn and share with the animals who are waiting for you to connect to a happier fuller life with them?

~ More about Musical Magic with Elfy Jo ~ 

Do you enjoy music? Is music something you enjoy rocking to in your car or in the shower? Do you happen to play an instrument? Or are you wishing you played an instrument? Have you ever noticed that music can makes everything in your life better?Are you curious about how it can bring more ease, more joy and more possibilities in to your life, body and play?

On Musical Magic with Elfy Jo she explores the magic that music truly is and can be for you as well. Come play and enjoy a whole new world of possibilities.  AND have a whole lot fun while we are at it too!

Elfy Jo is a professional musician that lives and creates from South China.

She played clarinet in the Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra for five years before she quit working there. She felt there was more to life than simply reproducing music and having it be a J.O.B.

Through a series of classes, some Access Consciousness and a new group of magical friends Elfy was able to connect back to her creative source and authentic, bubbly self.  Making music became a joy again and now it is her mission to help others rekindle their creative fires.  As a Master of Music Elfy combines all her on stage and teaching experience with energy and magic.

She is available for in person and online sessions to help you break free of any creative limitations, whether you are an amateur or a professional. Recitals, debuts, concerts and even exams can be a joy for both you and the audience!

Elfy also offers intuitive musical healing, as well as BARS sessions.





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