Living Intimately Guest Tamara Younker

Living Intimately Guest Tamara Younker

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June 15, 2015 by Imperfect Brilliance with Betsy & Kathy

What if living intimately with you and the world around you, being and receiving creates the possibility for having the phenomenal life you desire?  Relationship expert, Tamara Younker, talks about what it takes to cultivate Intimacy of BEing where everything becomes a choice available to YOU.

Tamara Younker is a Certified Facilitator, Coach, Mediator, Speaker and pioneer of consciousness who has been researching the energetics of relating for 13 years.  She has an expertise in guiding clients to cultivate Intimacy of BEing where they function from a powerful and aware presence that allows them to live more creatively in the world and less at the effect of it.

It’s Tamara’s desire to contribute to the emergence of a new paradigm for interpersonal relating, one that arises from allowance and choice rather than judgment and control.

Tamara facilitates Access Consciousness Core Classes internationally, as well as, her own specialty classes on Intimacy.  Her joy is inviting others to give up their current dependence on judgment as a valuable strategy for separation and protection, so the intimacy of Oneness with all things becomes a natural way of living for all. ~