Living in the Possibility with Rachael O’Brien

Living in the Possibility with Rachael O’Brien

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May 21, 2014 by Receiving Rachael

This week join me Rachael O’Brien and Geraldine Woessner as we discuss the topic

Living in the Possibility!

Have you ever wondered why we are attracted to places of natural beauty or to swimming with dolphins?

What if it is because it reminds us of the expansive acoustical energy that exists for us beyond all the judgement, solidity and conclusions of this reality?

What if the tools and questions were a similar reminder of our greatness, not something separate from us that we keep in our tool box for when we need them?

When we live as the question we are choosing in every moment to make a commitment to the joy and expansiveness that is truly us, to go beyond the heavy, solidity of this reality and create something greater.

What would it take for you to create a life that works for you?

What would have to change for your life to work?

Join us as we explore and gift you tools to change anything that’s not working for you!


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