Lifting the Veils of Judgment – Talk to the Entities with Cara and Bret

Lifting the Veils of Judgment – Talk to the Entities with Cara and Bret

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April 16, 2014 by Talk to the Entities® with Cara and Bret

When you speak with people, have you ever noticed that they tend not to really hear or get what you’re saying? Unfortunately how most people on the planet listen, is through the filters of their judgments…how they believe things are and aren’t, and how they should or shouldn’t be. Judgments, decisions, conclusions, and computations only serve to limit what it is they can hear and receive from you.

When you begin to lift the veils of your own judgments you then become capable of listening to a degree that is rare on the planet. You begin to hear what people are really telling you that they aren’t saying out loud, you hear the trees, you hear the planet gently asking for your contribution, and you hear the entities.

When you are open to hearing beyond the veil, beyond judgment, then you begin to become aware of possibilities that other people aren’t aware of. You become capable of things that other people aren’t capable of, and you become the source of a different possibility that others thirst for.

On this episode of Talk to the Entities with Cara and Bret we will be doing the best we can to be that source of inspiration and change for you to move beyond the filters of judgment you are currently living through, and ask you questions to empower you to thrive in your own universe beyond judgment and without filters.