Is Your Life Provocative Enough For You? ~ Rhonda Burns

Is Your Life Provocative Enough For You? ~ Rhonda Burns

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March 14, 2018 by Rendezvous with Rhonda

Coming Undone With The Tenacious Minx Radio Show with Rhonda Burns

Has anyone ever asked you if your life was provocative enough for you? If not, here’s your invitation to consider it. Ever wondered why some things in the world get as much attention and influence as they do? It’s usually because something about it or the person is provocative enough outside the “normal” standards that have the majority wanting to peer in. Like voyeurs, are you on the outside looking in? What if provocative is what your life and your creations are calling for? What might keep you from choosing it? Let’s talk about this and get honest about everything that comes up, shall we?


It’s all about coming undone from conditioning, poor modeling and bogus beliefs to come alive and truly thrive. AKA: FREEDOM. Together, we learn, explore, transform, laugh, play and show up greater, so that we can remind not only ourselves of our greatest potential & possibilities, but to invite others to know it for themselves as well.

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