Kindness with Bodies ~ Guest Juna Guetter

Kindness with Bodies ~ Guest Juna Guetter

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July 11, 2016 by Imperfect Brilliance with Betsy & Kathy

Do you desire more connection with your body?

Are you sick and tired of trying to live by this society’s standards of what it means to have a healthy, beautiful or desired body?

Do you know there’s something greater for you and your body, but you just can’t seem to access it?

Join Juna Guetter, Certified Facilitator and 3 Day Body Class Facilitator & RBFY Taster Facilitator, as she shares tools and tips to get out of judgment of bodies and into the pleasure, joy and kindness that actually creates a body you can enjoy.

If you were happy & treated yourself and your body with kindness, how could your body show up differently?

Juna is a Mover and Connector of Possibilities. Inspiring individuals and groups for 25 years in the field of dance, conscious embodiment, and personal empowerment.  She invites  people into greater joy, ease and communion with their bodies and their lives.

Having studied various techniques including Reflexology, Psychotherapy, Social Work, NLP, Landmark Education, Nia™ (Black Belt), EFT, and Access Consciousness™, Juna has an intrinsic capacity for allowance that sparks people into the greatness of being who they truly are. Since 2009, Juna has been working internationally as an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and since 2013 as a 3 Day Body Class Facilitator.

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Could your imperfections actually be your brilliance? What if your willingness to acknowledge your brilliance is the catalyst to creating a new reality? One of magic and joyous possibilities! Imperfect Brilliance is about shedding all the layers of the not-you, everywhere where you’re making yourself wrong… because underneath all that crap lies what’s beautiful and imperfectly right about you. When you stop judging you, what else can you create in the world? Certified Facilitators of Access Consciousness® Betsy McLoughlin, Sadie Lake and Kathy Williams invite you to come play and release the judgment so you can truly shine.

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