Kindness of Sex – Part II with Special Guest Christel Crawford

Kindness of Sex – Part II with Special Guest Christel Crawford

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September 18, 2015 by Bringing The Sexy! with Carol Reinlie

Bringing the Sexy! with Carol Reinlie Radio Show

So, what if we took our sex chat a little bit further? Would that turn you or your life on? We had so much fun with our first discussion last month about the Kindness of Sex, that we decided to have a part two! Even if you missed the first show, we may just push every erogenous zone you have with our discussion! Sound tantalizing? Well…tune in! What if what you could have in sex and relationships is well beyond what you think or have been told?

Christel Crawford is an author and transformation creator. She travels all over the world and facilitates online programs & classes on life-change, different possibilities for money flows, body change and business expansion. She has been featured on radio shows & podcasts, and is the author of several upcoming books. Today, Christel is the owner of her own thriving life transformation business, and the steward & muse of The Kindness of Sex and Being is the Point.

Carol Reinlie is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Marketing Consultant, Coach, Author and Speaker who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs catapult their lives and businesses. She works one-on-one and via her group coaching programs to expand all possibilities. She currently has a Six Weeks To The Wealth Of You program that delves into getting out of stuck and into the brilliance of you.

Join Christel & Carol for another vibrant conversation about sex, relationships and what is truly possible when we’re just willing to ask.

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