Keys to Freedom ~ Part 1 ~ Betsy & Kathy

Keys to Freedom ~ Part 1 ~ Betsy & Kathy

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January 22, 2018 by Imperfect Brilliance with Betsy & Kathy

Imperfect Brilliance! with Betsy McLoughlin & Kathy Williams Radio Show

Keys to Freedom ~ Part 1 ~ Join us for a special 2 part show on keys to get unstuck.

What if there truly are keys to freedom — keys that can create more ease, and increase your awareness & capacities with everything? Would you be willing to play with them? With greater awareness you can begin creating the life you’ve always known was possible and change areas of your life and situations that have seemed unchangeable – until now.

Are you having a challenge in your life? Explore using some keys that might just unlock where you are stuck. If you would actually use these keys, you’ll have much more ease than 99% of people on the planet. Are you willing? Have a listen for some tools to get unstuck with Kathy and Betsy.

Betsy McLoughlin is an international best selling author, and a dynamic facilitator who knows about change!  She has facilitated many clients who are choosing something different for their lives.  Betsy has used the tools of Access Consciousness® to completely transform her life – releasing depression and several illnesses.  ​Now Betsy is joyfully claiming and acknowledging her many talents and abilities and using them to facilitate others to do the same as a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness®, an Access Body Process and Bars Facilitator, Coach, and change agent of magnitude. 

Kathy Williams is an international best selling author and has been facilitating transformation through workshops, classes & private sessions for over 16 years. She is a dynamic speaker and transformational coach who works with clients internationally, and a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness® in Hawaii, and beyond. Kathy takes great joy in spreading consciousness on the planet! 

These ladies are best-selling authors and great partners for you. Is now the time to discover your imperfect brilliance?

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