Jamie Waldron: Butcher Without Borders (No Storefront, No Problem)

Jamie Waldron: Butcher Without Borders (No Storefront, No Problem)

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May 25, 2020 by No Ounce Wasted

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Jamie Waldron is a skilled and experienced butcher that connects consumers to quality local meats. The catch? He doesn’t have a shop. Jamie uses education, communication and personalization to make a direct connection to his customers. How is this business model working and is it a way forward for butchers post-Covid? Bryan talks to Jamie about this and his life with the knife.

Jamie Waldron is the owner of J Waldron Butchers in Ontario, Canada, which uses meat shares and education to connect consumers with Ontario farms and responsibly-raised meat. He is also the author of the Home Butchering Handbook, which covers all aspects of traditional meat cutting, from whole carcass to usable cuts. Jamie started his career in a small country butcher shop as a teenager. Since then, he has dedicated 18+ years to the art of butchery. He has worked at some of the top butcher shops in Canada, helped craft menus and meat programs for restaurant groups, consulted for butcher shops, and worked with and for abattoirs in Ontario.    Butcher@jwaldronbutchers.com    https://www.jwaldronbutchers.com/          https://www.facebook.com/jwaldronbutchers/


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