I’ve Paid My Dues ~ Tamara Younker & Alun Jones

I’ve Paid My Dues ~ Tamara Younker & Alun Jones

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October 24, 2016 by Playground of Possibilities with Tamara and Alun

How much are you suffering in your life? Can you see an end to it, or do you believe that some people are just born to suffer?  Would it p*ss you off if we told you that suffering is just a choice?

What if there is more to life than living the habit of suffering?

Join Alun and Tamara as they take another adventure out into the Playground of Possibilities and get really curious about what else is possible beyond the habit of suffering.

The Playground Of Possibilities –  where everything is play and everything is possible.

Alun’s website: http://alun-jones.com/

Tamara’s website: www.accessinfinitebeing.com