Is Love REALLY Enough? ~ Rhonda Burns

Is Love REALLY Enough? ~ Rhonda Burns

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June 10, 2020 by Rendezvous with Rhonda

Rendezvous With Rhonda 

A question that’s been brewing in my awareness a great deal as of late: Is love REALLY enough? 

There are endless facets, nuances and avenues to this exploration about love being “enough”. The subject, topic and the word Love has a lot woven into it when we put it through the filters of our human conditioned thinking.

This conversation wants to be revealed and undressed slowly and tenderly. It won’t give me a lot of detail, but it’s dancing through and in everything right now. So, this will be an interesting show that unveils itself as we go. You game? You willing to be brave and present with me as we explore? I’m going to show this delectable subject some seriously devout love. And I’d love to have you with me. Let’s meet and see what we can uncover.

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As a life-long witness to not just the mediocrity of traditional relationships and overall lack of passion and enthusiasm for living in general, but the chronic breakdown of it all, I’ve been on a quest to get down & dirty to the root of the  issues and what drives the majority of this.

What an epic journey!

In a world filled with never-ending mixed messages, confusion, conflict and daily turmoil, it’s a wonder anyone really feels like they’re getting their emotional, spiritual, physical and sexual needs and desires fulfilled.  Welcome to the party known as Rendezvous with Rhonda! You could also call it, a Rendezvous with radical & revolutionary LOVE, with a healthy dose of down & dirty for good measure.

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