Is It Time To Acknowledge The Potency Of Your Children? ~ Guest Chandana Bawa

Is It Time To Acknowledge The Potency Of Your Children? ~ Guest Chandana Bawa

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January 11, 2019 by Exponentialize Beyond Limitations with Laurence Sevagamy

Exponentialize Beyond Limitations ~ Laurence Sevagamy

Are you aware of the potency of your children or are you ignore it? What means potency for you and how would be your life and relationships with them if you would be willing to acknowledge their potency?

Chandana Bawa is an international certified Access Consciousness Facilitator , a Right Relationship For You Facilitator , a Body Process Facilitator and an author of “Breaking Free From Pain Points” , an access Consciousness book.Her clients telling her that her gentle and kind facilitation has indeed empowered them to change their limitations to possibilities and has them creating possibilities from problems- the only thing that stays the same is the alphabet P!

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S’engager envers nos choix et envers ce que l’on sait possible demande du courage et un engagement de tous les instants. Les doutes et les peurs font partie du processus, surtout ceux qui ne sont pas à nous !

Etes-vous prêts à vous engager vers votre PLUS GRAND POTENTIEL ?

Etes-vous prêts à permettre à l’Etre magique et illimité que vous êtes à s’expandre ?

Laurence Sevagamy vous propose un voyage vers la plus grande version de vous-mêmes. Elle vous guidera vers l’exponentialisation de votre vie au-delà de vos limitations.

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To create our life and go towards what we know is possible for us, we require courage and faith. Fears and doubts like that, we can see them, even if not ours.

Are you willing to move forward to your BIGGER POTENTIAL?

Are you willing to allow your magic and unllimited Being to expand?

Laurence Sevagamy invites you to go to the greatest version of yourself. She will guide you to exponentialize your life beyonds your limitations.

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