Is Christmas a sexy and sensual time for your body? With special Guest Merlijn Wolsink

Is Christmas a sexy and sensual time for your body? With special Guest Merlijn Wolsink

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December 22, 2014 by Playground of Possibilities with Tamara and Alun

Christmas…. A time for eating, drinking, and making merry! Or loosely translated as eating too much, drinking too much, arguing with family, and feeling dreadful? Sound familiar?

What if Christmas could be different?

Ever considered how sensual food can be and that you can play with food so that it’s a gift rather than a stress on the body? What if you don’t have to lock up stress from and with your family into your body?

Ever wondered what would the body like to gift and receive that will also then be a gift to the Being and everyone else around?

Join Laura and Alun and their special guest Merlijn Wolsink who will be playing with possibilities around Christmas as they give you some simple tools, process, and techniques to make your Christmas a more sexy and sensual experience.

If you’d like to get your sexy on with Christmas, come join us on Monday 22nd December at 3pm UK time (10am Eastern, 7am Pacific).

Merlijn Wolsink currently runs his coaching, body work and training business from The Netherlands, working with people one on one, in person and online.  He  also facilitates classes and workshops on a wide variety of subjects. He has worked and trained all over the world. As a professional dancer and singer he has performed in many theatre and broadway shows in Europe. He has received several scholarships – including a Fulbright Award – to study dance and theatre in the US.

Merlijn facilitates high value, life-changing, transformative and energetic coaching and body work sessions. He is an absolute expert in shifting energy on mental, emotional and physical level with his own awareness, skills and the tools and processes of Access Consciousness®.

Merlijn’s workshops are high-energy, light, fun, hands-on, practical, magical, no spiritual ‘fluff’ or significance and have created a lot of change for a lot of people. The workshops and classes are to Empower everyone’s awareness and to enable people to start acknowledging, recognizing and utilizing their own natural talents and abilities. To come out of the past and magically transform a ‘weakness’ or ‘wrongness’ into power and potency. Unleash Your Own Wizard.

Together with Greg Dyer, a fitness professional, Merlijn Hosts the “Conscious. Body. Movement.” Radio Show.

More information about Merlijn can be found at these places: