Invite More Joy In Your Life; Guest – Kathy Williams

Invite More Joy In Your Life; Guest – Kathy Williams

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October 19, 2015 by Imperfect Brilliance with Betsy & Kathy

Joy!  Do you desire joy and happiness in your life?  Do you sometimes feel joyful and other times feel that it’s elusive?

What can you do/be to invite more joy into your life?

Join Betsy & Sadie and their guest Certified Facilitator Kathy Williams to delve into the topic of joy.

Kathy was trained from an early age as a dancer and performer. She spent many years perfecting her art, and performed on stage in Europe and the US.

For years, Kathy worked toward her goal of dancing the principal roles in ballets such as Romeo and Juliet, and The Nutcracker.  When achieving these roles did not bring the happiness she had anticipated, Kathy began to reassess her life and her direction, and recognized the need for happiness in everyday moments- not as some future to be obtained.

What tips can Kathy give us from her experience?

Bio – Kathy Williams is a Best Selling Author and a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator, Transformational Coach, Speaker, and Yoga Therapist. For over 15 years Kathy has been sharing tools and techniques to empower people to move beyond physical & emotional pain and into lives of joyous possibility.  From new businesses & careers, to raises, from meeting a partner to creating a life, Kathy is a master at helping people get what they want. ~