Introduction to Elegance & Ease with Creation; Guest – Heather Nichols

Introduction to Elegance & Ease with Creation; Guest – Heather Nichols

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October 7, 2015 by Living Consciously with Kass

Living Consciously with Kass Radio Show with Kass Thomas

This reality seems to be all about creating through perspiration instead of inspiration, effort instead of ease, and pessimism instead of possibilities.  What if there were another way?

What would elegance & ease with creation look like? Are you willing to find out how much ease is truly available to you in creating your life?

Join  Kass and possibility Maestros Heather Nichols for today’s taster of what they will be exploring on their 3 Call series which begins Oct. 15: Elegance in Creation: Living with Symphonic Ease–an extraordinary exploration into the space of Elegance, Creation, Symphonic Ease and Possibilities.

You can create the body, the business and the relationships you desire with minimum effort & maximum results: ELEGANCE.

What if you could stop working so hard? What if trying or using effort actually eliminates possibilities, creation, and the elegance & ease that are available to you? What if the universe was at the ready to re-arrange itself to support and contribute to you based on your choices, requests—and your willingness to *be*?

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