Inclusive Wellness with Tenisha Hicks

Inclusive Wellness with Tenisha Hicks

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July 6, 2020 by Conscious Beauty Talk

Conscious Beauty Talk with Amy Wall

Today we are going to take moment to truly understand just how vast the world of beauty is, yet how narrow the scope of who is served and who is represented.

There is a product for this, a trend for that, and a treatment for you, but as many women of color and multicultural ethnicity have experienced, there could be none at all. As an Esthetician, you might find yourself feeling lost on how to ensure that inclusivity is something your clients can count on from you.

Tenisha Hicks will show you where to begin and how it’s as easy as taking a step back and listening to your client’s needs and making sure you have the education and protocols to serve a diverse range of skin. Let’s have a conversation that helps us all have better conversations, and discover what that means for your guests.

Tenisha Hicks is located in Murray, UT and specializes in Total Body Wellness through detox, nutrition, and lipossage. She has a history of experience in the medical industry both a Medical Assistant and patient struggling with her own health and wellness. So when she says she “get’s it” she really does GET IT!

Among her achievements, Tenisha won first place as Player of the Year in the Open Category of The Skin Games, a competition where specialist in beauty and wellness compete with others from around the globe to prove their skills in a “challenge”. Prior her win, she placed as a finalist for both 2017 and 2018.

Always remembering the importance of balance, Tenisha takes pride in her self care and continuous journey and always loves her opportunities to grow as a person. She loves the outdoors, traveling, and is an avid foodie full of fun and light.


~ More with Conscious Beauty Talk with Amy Wall ~

Women have been sold a story of lack and limitation around what’s possible with our beauty, our biology and aging.

Today we have never enjoyed more breakthroughs in skincare ingredients, technology and our understanding of human consciousness.

It’s time to activate your beauty abundance and go beyond what you’ve been told and sold.

Conscious Beauty Guide Amy Wall will use her experience as an award-winning professional skincare expert and experience as a leader in the conscious beauty movement to teach you the tools, techniques and guidance to activate and experience the feeling of beautiful, have more radiant skin and to deeply love the woman you see in the mirror, on a daily basis.

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