IH4Y Radio Show – Kabalah Yoga; Heal Your Body and Awaken Your Spirit

IH4Y Radio Show – Kabalah Yoga; Heal Your Body and Awaken Your Spirit

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May 28, 2014 by Integrated Health 4 You with Karen Claffey

IH4Y Radio Show with host Karen Claffey

May 28th, 2014 topic Kababah Yoga; Heal Your Body and Awaken Your Spirit with guest Audi Gozlan from Montreal, Quebec

Over the years, Audi Gozlan, LL.D. has learned to fill his life with rich and diverse experiences. He practices law but he is also well known for his writings and paintings. He is a fervent academic and has dedicated a stream of his life to the pursuit of spiritual and physical enlightenment. These days he’s most excited about two seemingly disparate ideas: the ancient Jewish mysticism of Kabalah and the wildly popular art of yoga.

Audi believes that each of us is the author of our life, and has the power to write a story of fulfillment that may determine our future. Life is a book that has a beginning, a middle, and an end. The pages of this volume are the narratives that document our trials, challenges, and passions.

A masterpiece is not about the cover of the book. Rather it is about the energy and influence the book will have on you. Does your story have a purpose? A sense of unity? A direction? Does it have a heart?

Kabalah Yoga is the fruit of Audi Gozlan’s long-time dedication to both physical and spiritual advancement. Kabalah Yoga teaches that by posturing into the Hebrew letters and flowing into the spelling of meaningful ideas, you will improve your story by bringing more inspiration, beauty, love, and harmony into the world.

To reach Audi: http://www.kabalahyoga.com/

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