IH4Y Radio Show – Gluten Intolerance; Truth or Trend

IH4Y Radio Show – Gluten Intolerance; Truth or Trend

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May 7, 2014 by Integrated Health 4 You with Karen Claffey

Integrated Health 4 You Radio Show with host Karen Claffey and her guest Paola DeCicco, BSc, ND Dr. Naturopathic Medicine, based in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Québec.

Naturopathic Doctor Paola DeCicco has been in clinical practice for 10 years, devoted to providing effective, evidence-based health care to her patients. www.paciencia.ca

Serving all age groups with varied health concerns, Dr.Paola focuses on education, and promotes proactivity in encouraging the well-being of her patients. She also serves as a pillar in the alternative and complementary medical community, providing lectures and workshops to the general public, publishing the Naturopathic News newsletter, and acting as a guest on local radio and TV programs. Her areas of interest include: mental health, women`s health, stress management, digestive disorders, cancer care, and pediatric health.

Dr.Paola sees her work as a small yet imperative contribution to the tipping point, which is when seemingly small forces come together to cause the tipping of a situation, because the critical point has been reached.

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