IH4Y Radio Show – AstroPsychology; Vedic Astrology, Your Health, Your Destiny

IH4Y Radio Show – AstroPsychology; Vedic Astrology, Your Health, Your Destiny

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July 16, 2014 by Integrated Health 4 You with Karen Claffey

Today’s Show Topic: AstroPsychology; Vedic Astrology, Your Health, Your Destiny

With guest Vitaly Padalets, Astrologer, Yoga Teacher, Tours for Harmony | www.physculture.org

Astrology, specifically Vedic astrology or Jyotish, is a great diagnostics tool which can give detailed insight about a person’s character and the destiny with which they have come into this life. An astrologer can also see what energies are influencing the current creation of a person’s life and destiny. With this knowledge, the astrologer provides a sense of awareness of these influences as well as practical suggestions as to how to change the negative effects of past actions and put the consequences from positive decisions and actions to good use and service.

An astrologer can provide informed guidance on many topics such as:

  • Goal in life
  • The subconscious programs, emotions, thoughts and actions that are holding you back from being happy, healthy, successful.
  • Personal relationships, business relations and compatibility
  • Where to live
  • Talents, profession, how to make money
  • Where the focus in life should be now and in the future.

Vitaly’s approach to AstroPsychology:

Philosophy to me is “what we KNOW or need to know” and psychology is “now that we know, what do we DO with it? How do we change our desires, thoughts and actions?” With that in mind, my goal in AstroPsychology consultations is to help another understand the main goal in life. How can they practically go about life to be harmonious on the four levels: physical, social, intellectual and spiritual. By helping a person become harmonious on these four levels, I am sure that they will develop a strong foundation for a happy, healthy and successful life in all spheres.

I would like to underline how important it is to have the right approach to astropsychology consultations or any consultations for that matter. Without the right intention, mindset and proper outlook on life, an astrologer or anyone who is trying to help another could discourage a person from working on themselves and changing their life and even drive them away from unconditional love and damage their life. It would be like a doctor who smokes yet tells patients to stop smoking. Therefore, we at PhysCulture put a great emphasis on working on ourselves first and being sincere and open with our lives with everyone we meet. We wish you unconditional love, harmony, happiness, health and success.