I Skin Coach ~ Guest Christine McIver

I Skin Coach ~ Guest Christine McIver

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November 4, 2019 by Conscious Beauty Talk

Conscious Beauty Talk with Amy Wall

Listen and learn as Amy coaches guest, Christine and her skin. They share the real time progression and experience of using Amy’s methods and skin rituals along with her current, and long standing, regular, skincare routine. Learn how to start with the smallest of shifts and work with your bodies natural adaption and response to start seeing big results. A detailed description of how to apply your products and where and when to do them will be discussed as well as what I recommend doing every week. TimeLight, the guided beauty activation, which will conclude the show.

Christine McIver, TV & Radio Personality, Speaker, Possibilities Coach and Potent Creator of Magnitude, is driven to inspire you to bring your voice to everything you desire in your life, business and relationships.

Christine is the CEO of Inspired Choices Network, a global online Radio, TV & Magazine platform. Their mission is to Bring Conscious Voices to the World.

​Christine lives her life out loud and is a natural cheerleader who believes in the abilities of others to change their lives quickly and easily.  

​Throughout the many choices she has made in her own life, Christine knows today that all of those choices, good bad or otherwise, now serve her and her audience.

Programs with Christine include UpYourAsk, Bust Doubt Out, Divorce with Dignity, The Pleasure of Business Studies, Be The Dominatrix of YOUR Life and VIP coaching for individuals and entrepreneurs.

Christine has impacted thousands of individuals both in Canada and abroad with her enthusiastic message of possibilities. Her kind, direct and joy filled approach is both comforting and stretching.





~ More with Conscious Beauty Talk with Amy Wall ~

Women have been sold a story of lack and limitation around what’s possible with our beauty, our biology and aging.

Today we have never enjoyed more breakthroughs in skincare ingredients, technology and our understanding of human consciousness.

It’s time to activate your beauty abundance and go beyond what you’ve been told and sold.

Conscious Beauty Guide Amy Wall will use her experience as an award-winning professional skincare expert and experience as a leader in the conscious beauty movement to teach you the tools, techniques and guidance to activate and experience the feeling of beautiful, have more radiant skin and to deeply love the woman you see in the mirror, on a daily basis.



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