How to Deal with Difficult People! Guest Georgina Elliott

How to Deal with Difficult People! Guest Georgina Elliott

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February 15, 2016 by Beyond Speech Limitless Communication ~ Lauren Polly

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As a confidence coach who works with a wide range of people, the single issue that seems to crop up more than anything is “how do I deal with challenging people?”  Whether it be a manager or co-worker who seems to want nothing less than to make your life difficult, a teenager who has zero interest in complying with expectations, a partner or friend who you feel is taking advantage of you…all of us at various points in our lives encounter people who are not easy to deal with!

Georgina offers strategies to help people firstly, to deal with their own mind- set and how they respond to challenging behavior and secondly, to develop the confidence and communication skills needed to create greater rapport (no matter how “difficult” the person is!) and resourcefully handle an array of situations.  The world is full of challenging people, but that doesn’t mean YOU have to be challenged by them!

Georgina Elliott is founder of ‘The London Confidence Coach,’ ( helping people gain clarity, confidence and action to enable them to move forward, in both their careers and personal lives. She has written two national confidence campaigns in the UK, and is co-author in Book 2 of the international ‘Change Book Series’. Originally a teacher of Performing Arts, Georgina is also an experienced Educational Workshop Leader and speaker – and is about to launch her ‘More Resilience, Less Overwhelm’ programme for schools. She has also appeared on Sky TV’s ‘A Different Kind of Woman’ as a studio guest, discussing ‘how to live with regrets’.