“How” to be Evolutionarily for Manifesting Change

“How” to be Evolutionarily for Manifesting Change

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August 31, 2015 by Turning Point – a GPS for your Success

Turning Point- a GPS for your Success with Host Judith L. Harrison

Working with material from Mike Dooley, we will “learn how to focus your thoughts, choose your words, and decide upon the physical steps you need to take in order to achieve the changes you desire”.

Turning Point – a GPS for Success will explore success elements, the role of stability, and the learn-able navigational skills and practices that can help us on the journey of the life of a business and the business of a life. We look at what is “It” that keeps us running harder & faster, relentless in the pursuit thereof – the “It” factor? Why is it that we get smarter with technology, connect more broadly with Social Media, travel further afield than ever and yet continue to destroy ourselves (& others) with war, gender abuses, medication, and a growing incidence of disease to name but a few? Isn’t it time for a “Turning Point”?


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