How Shutting Your Trap Will Open Their Wallet

How Shutting Your Trap Will Open Their Wallet

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June 5, 2015 by Bringing The Sexy! with Carol Reinlie

Bringing the Sexy! with Carol Reinlie Radio Show

Everyone has been in THAT situation – the encounter with someone who has diarrhea of the mouth about their services upon first meeting. Most of the time, when talking to potential clients or partners, less is more! Shutting up can serve you in ways that you may not even know. When we listen closely to what others are really saying, we can see what they truly desire. How can the sales process be easy? Shut up!

Join Carol Reinlie, Access Consciousness Facilitator, and her guest Coach Jennifer Lee as they chat about taking the push out of your sales process so that everyone wins. You get great new clients who are seeking you out and no one feels pushed into the process.

Coach Jenn Lee is a small biz strategist, conference expert, high energy motivational speaker, and the founder of The Work Creative Group. Obsessed with small business owners and corporations who “get it” Jenn leverages her 25 years corporate sales and marketing experience to speak to small business owners, sales teams and companies across the nation.

Carol Reinlie is a marketing consultant, author and Access Consciousness Facilitator. Carol helps speakers, entrepreneurs and authors find profits in their passion with her Passion & Profits coaching program. She also helps people map out their marketing funnel – online and offline.

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