How Opportunities Enrich Your Life ~ Guest Carol Trickett

How Opportunities Enrich Your Life ~ Guest Carol Trickett

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December 23, 2019 by The SOAR Experience

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Opportunities are all around us. However, our lives will only be influenced by them if we are open to opportunities, look for and see them, and pursue them. Is it only a lucky few who get such privilege or can anyone be the recipient to such abundance?

Carol Trickett, Financial Advisor and owner of Trickett Financial, believes every Canadian has the right to be financially independent, providing the opportunity to feel secure and be generous to others. Although Carol works with clients from a broad walk of life, as an Independent Insurance Broker, Certified Executor Advisor, and Registered Retirement Consultant, she finds much joy in serving newcomers to Canada, families with illness and disability and women who are independent business owners as she understands the impact of an uncertain financial future first hand.

In 2008, after sixteen years of marriage, Carol’s husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He required long term care, which brought additional expenses and the income from the glass business was not sufficient. For the first time, money was tight. Carol quickly realized how important it is for women to be able to support themselves financially.

In 2013, Carol transitioned into the financial services field full time. Then in 2016, she incorporated her independent business, Trickett Financial. Carol loves being an independent advisor because of the choice available to help meet her clients’ needs.

Caregiving followed by loss and grief has taught Carol compassion and understanding. She is grateful to have been the one supporting her husband and helping him to live to his fullest. The education she has gained has been valuable in helping other families living with physical and mental challenges and even loss.

Carol is also a host mom for international students, housing students from Brazil, Colombia, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China, Spain, and Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Burkina Faso, Azerbaijan, Russia and Panama. She is gaining tremendous knowledge about other cultures and enjoys the laughter and life the students bring to her home. Never having a sister, it is a real change to have a house full of females.
At a time in her life when Carol most needed to be surrounded by joy and peace and love, the students were there for her. This experience which originally was meant to help out financially through a transition has actually been life changing for Carol. Her experience with international students has led her to include newcomers to Canada in her financial business. Teaching newcomers about personal finance in Canada is a way to help them feel more integrated with life in their new community and more at ease providing for and protecting their family.

Carol feels truly blessed to be exactly where she is in her life right now.

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