How Brilliant Is Your Body? ~ Danielle & Cathleen

How Brilliant Is Your Body? ~ Danielle & Cathleen

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April 10, 2017 by Dancing with Consciousness

Dancing with Consciousness with Danielle & Cathleen Radio Show

Do you know how brilliant your body is and how much awareness it has? What if your body has been communicating to you and you have not been paying attention? Our bodies are a sensory organ that perceives, and receives from a place of no judgement.

Perhaps it knows more than you do about what it requires and desires. And if we were to communicate with our body, instead of overriding it, What could that create for our bodies and in our lives?

The dynamic facilitators, Cathleen and Danielle are debuting their exciting new Dancing With Consciousness Radio Show, where anything is possible in the dance of living!

What fun, what joy, what play could show up right away in your life?

What if life could be like dancing….from a place of no judgement, the space of joy and always creating something new and fun?

Cathleen and Danielle will be introducing tools and ways to create this in your life and empowering you to know what you know with totally ease. And to express your exuberance in life as if you were on the dance floor.

Join your hosts Danielle Varanda and Cathleen Connor this week in the Dance of Consciousness!

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